Announcing: IFBR Becomes 208 Youth Baseball

Exciting Changes in the works for Eastern Idaho Baseball

Updated Monday August 13, 2018 by JL Parker.

I am pleased to announce some VERY EXCITING changes taking place with Idaho Falls Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken. This change will begin with the FALL 2018 season and beyond.
What's New:
  • New Name! - Idaho Falls Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken will now be known as 208 Youth Baseball
  • New Affiliation - 208 Youth Baseball will be tied to AAU Sports instead of Babe Ruth International
  • New Local State Tournament - instead of traveling to Boise, next year the AAU State Tournament will be held right here in Eastern Idaho!
  • New Website and Facebook Page - COMING SOON
What's Same:
  • Not for Profit - 208 Youth Baseball will continue to be a Not for Profit organization staffed by a board of volunteers focused on enhancing the lives of Eastern Idaho's youth through the game of baseball. If you would like to help out, please join us!!
  • All Inclusive - 208 Youth Baseball will provide baseball for ALL youth in our community the same as IFBR. No Cuts!
  • Affordable - registration fees for 208 Youth Baseball will remain the same as they have been for IFBR.
  • By aligning our community baseball league with the fastest growing youth sports organization in the country (AAU) we will be better able to keep our kids in step with the rest of the baseball world with regards to divisions, rules, field sizes, tournaments, etc.
  • Access to more baseball! AAU baseball insures kids on a per year basis rather than a per season basis which makes it easier to for those kids who choose to play in summer tournaments to be able to do so without re-insuring. 
On the surface these changes will feel minimal. Registration will be similar to how you've done it past seasons. Cost is similar. Skills Day is similar, etc etc. However, I truly believe these back-end affiliation changes are going to be extremely important in order to effectively unite our baseball community and keep us in lock step with the baseball world across the nation!